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Sugimoto cutlery has been making knives since the 1930s. After WWII they were the first company to begin producing western and Chinese style knives for the Japanese market. They make fine quality knives and hand finish each blade. These are extremely sharp knives and we are proud to add them to our line up of top quality knives. The RC hardness of the Western CM knives is 58 ~ 63. The Cleavers are 60 ~64 and the Japanese Kasumi Superlatives are RC 63 ~66.​​​

The history of Sugimoto Knives go back to the 1930s where they started out from a metal smith that specialized in sword and knife making, After the Second World War Sugimoto was the first to begin producing Western and Chinese-style knives. Sugimoto knives are now recognized by professional chefs world-wide.