Yakumi pans

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The Yakumi pans have been designed to help organise chefs foods into a very orderly manner, you can place garnishes inside that can then be hot held, chilled or left at ambient temperatures. The handy individual lids or lids that cover the entire units can be easily removed to prevent food from drying out going cold or getting hot. All Yakumi pans can be purchased with a separate individual metal lid.

Yakumi pans come in three sizes and also come with a few accessories, There is a small #00 which is great for little dry garnishes that sit close to a hot plate. The next size up is the #R which is double the size of the #00 and is perfect for larger items that need to be chilled like micro leaves and small delicate flowers for garnishing. They stay cold when out the fridge and chill fast due to the light weight steel used. You can even place them on ice packs out the fridge if your kitchen is to hot and you don’t want to open and close fridges.

The next size up is the #0 which is two-thirds larger than the #00 the #0 can come with a tight fitting plastic lid or a little rack for blanched vegetables, resting meats and draining salads.

There is nothing worse than when you need lots of little things neatly placed into one box that do not end up falling over or mixing together. Other options out there do no allow you to do anything closely similar to the ability to change temperatures and keep a single dishes garnish all neatly in one place.